A 2020 Song Title Calendar to raise funds
for Multiple Sclerosis Research

A3 size, 13 pages, full colour

Modelled by the beautiful Sharon Brown

Twelve Months
Twelve Song Titles

But how many of the songs will you recognise?

The clues may be in what Sharon is
wearing, or in the surroundings,
or neither, or both!

And if you need another clue, the month the
song was written, or released in, is the same
month you will find it on the calendar

Here's a list of the artists to clue you in,
but not in the order they appear on the calendar -

Alannah Miles
The Foundations
Jeff Beck
The Scaffold
Van Morrison
Bobby Vinton
Moody Blues
Shirley Bassey
Tom Jones

100 Percent of the purchase price goes towards
research into Multiple Sclerosis
(Excl. postage costs)


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